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Volunteers fill a variety of roles across different areas of our hospital. Take a look at some of these roles below.  

Guide and Waitroom Support Volunteers

Often the first people a patient or visitor meets when they come to the Women’s, our Guide and Waitroom Support Volunteers fill a key role in helping people navigate the hospital. They also provide support and advice to ensure patients are comfortable and informed about the Women’s range of services.

Women’s Emergency Care (WEC) Volunteers

From ensuring patients and visitors are as comfortable as possible while they wait, to escorting them to other areas of the hospital, WEC Volunteers provide friendly and compassionate support in our Emergency Care department.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Volunteers

Volunteers in our NICU provide comfort, support and care to families during their time with us. They are also trained to settle, read to and soothe unsettled babies at times when parents or guardians are not able to be present.

Hawthorn Auxiliary

The Hawthorn Auxiliary has supported the Women’s for decades, hosting a regular stall selling goods made and donated by dedicated sewers and knitters from around Victoria. All money raised from the stall is directed to the equipment needs of our Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Volunteer Crafters

Spreading our volunteering opportunities beyond the hospital walls, Volunteer Crafters from around Victoria donate items such as knitted, crocheted and other handmade baby blankets, clothes and toys, which are made into beautiful “Baby Bundle” gift packages by a team of hospital volunteers. The Baby Bundles are distributed to mums and their babies through our social support services and maternity wards.

Please note: we cannot accept second-hand goods, but new baby garments, toys, blankets, and other baby items are very welcome.

View our Crafter’s Guidelines

Knitted and crocheted items are sorted by our volunteers into colours and type of clothing, before being packaged into Baby Bundles containing a blanket, two or more jackets, hats, booties and a soft toy. These bundles are then distributed to mums and their babies through our social support services and maternity wards.

Useful guidelines

  • Ages: 0 to 6 months – We currently do not have a need for prem hats or prem clothing.
  • Colours: Pastels and bright colours e.g. red, purple, orange, green, yellow, navy blue (no black garments please).
  • Yarn: 4 to 8 ply, machine washable wool or acrylic or a mix. Please note: fluffy or feathered yarns are potentially unsafe for babies and therefore not recommended.
  • Blankets: Whatever design you like – knitted, crocheted or patchwork – for pram, cot or single bed.
  • Hats: Please do not make them too small or tight around the rim.
  • Wraps: Muslin or bamboo baby wraps are needed and much appreciated.
  • Delivery: Please deliver or send to the hospital c/o the Volunteer Coordinator. And please include your details so we can thank you for your gift!

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit How to volunteer.

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