NBO training program - Hawkes Bay, New Zealand July 31 and Aug 1 2017

Helping parents getting to know their baby

NBO System Training Program for Professionals

Strongly Recommended Reading:

"Understanding Newborn Behaviour and Early Relationships: The Newborn Behavioural Observations (NBO) System Handbook" By K. Nugent et al, Brookes: Baltimore, pg 51-130 

Day one

Full day session

Date Monday 31 July 2017

9.00am - 5.00pm (8 hours)

Venue Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, Education Centre, Omahu Rd, Hastings, New Zealand


9.00-9.15am Pre-NBO-training questionnaire completed at the venue
9.15-9.45am Introduction to the NBO practitioner training program (ppt 1)
9.45-10.45am Foundations of the NBO as a relationship building tool for parents and their babies (ppt 2)
10.50-10.45am Break
10.45-11.25am Watching the baby: refining your observational skills (ppt 3)
11.25-12.05pm The NBO step-by-step 1: Video demonstration (ppt 4)
12.05-12.30pm Administering the NBO (practice with dolls)
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-2.15pm The NBO step-by-step 2: Introducing and recording the NBO and providing anticipatory guidance (ppt 6)
2.15-3.00pm Using the NBO to build relationships: in and with families (ppt 7)
3.00-3.15pm Break
3.15-4.45pm Working with at-risk infants and their families (ppt 9 and 9A)
4.45-5.00pm ‘Take-home’ concepts, homework and planning for Day two (ppt 5)

Day two

Half day workshop

Date Tuesday 1 August 2017
Time 9am - 2.00pm (5 hours)
Venue Hawke’s Bay Fallen Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, Education Centre, Omahu Rd, Hastings, New Zealand


9-9.15am Introduction and aims for the workshop
9.15-10.00am Small group work including review of homework 
10.00-10.30am Using the NBO to build relationships: in and with families (ppt 7)
10-30-11.00am Break
11.00-12.00am Role-play with dolls and complete NBO video
12.00-12.30pm Lunch
12.30 - 1.30pm Live demonstration of NBO and discussion
1.30 - 2.00pm Wrap up: steps to certification, post-training questionnaires (ppt 10)

Limited places are available for this training.

Cancellations and refunds

If you book a training but do not attend no refund will be given. A refund will only be available if cancellation is made at least one week before the first booked session.

If for any reason the scheduled training is postponed or cancelled registrants will be contacted and a refund of registration fees will be arranged.

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