Maternity Skills Program

two workstations
Management of third stage workstation and Fetal Scalp Electrode workstation

The Maternity Skills Program (MSP) is designed to facilitate the development of advanced clinical skills in the maternity setting. It is suitable for both midwifery and medical clinicians.

During this one-day workshop participants will be able to gain hands on experience using models and simulation equipment.

Under the guidance of highly skilled clinical midwifery educators, participants will gain new or refreshed knowledge in practical skills relevant to the maternity setting.

Previous attendees report increased levels of confidence in their practice and enhanced levels of efficiency and teamwork as they are able to effectively perform advanced procedures without delay.

The workshop is tailored to the individual organisation's requirements and capabilities. Hospital representatives can select from a number of elective modules based on the need of their clinicians and maternity service.

Elective Modules for this program include those shown below.

Advanced Midwifery Skills

  • Advanced Maternity Skills
  • Fetal Scalp Electrode Application
  •  Amniotomy (ARM)
  • Vaginal Examination
  • Abdominal Palpation
  • Speculum
  • Induction of Labour methods
  • Pre-eclampsia drug management
  • Perineal trauma/repair/episiotomy
  • Documentation
  • Management of third stage

Emergency Maternity Management

  • Shoulder Dystocia
  • Breech
  • Cord Prolapse
  • Maternal and Newborn Resuscitation
  • PPH

If the available modules do not directly address the need expressed by your maternity service, there are opportunities to develop appropriate content.

CPD Points and Procedural Grants are available for attending this program. Download the 2018 MSP CPD Allocations document below.

Aims of the Maternity Skills Program

  • Provide midwives with Advanced Maternity Skills to enhance their practice.
  • Provide hands on experience.
  • Facilitate development of new skills.
  • Reinforce pre-existing knowledge.
  • Provide an update on current evidence based practice.
  • Encourage midwives to reflect on the current systems and processes in place within their organisation and potential opportunities for improvement.

2018 Maternity Skills Programs  

There are still dates available in the 2018 calendar if you would like to schedule a MSP for your maternity service. Please contact the MSEP team for more information 

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