Pregnancy Advisory Service referrals

Appointment process

Please provide your letter to the woman and advise her to call PAS Intake directly.

PAS Intake will assess the woman’s individual circumstances, and will make an appointment for her at the Women’s where an appointment is appropriate and available.

GPs are welcome to call the PAS Health professional Direct Line to discuss a referral, for instance in an urgent situation or where your patient requires advocacy.

A mailed or faxed GP letter alone does not automatically result in an appointment being arranged.


Women with health care cards have priority in accessing the Pregnancy Advisory Service.

Please consider referring to other private services as appointments at the Women’s are relatively limited. Not all callers will be able to make an appointment and not all callers will get through.

The majority of surgical terminations of pregnancy (STOPs) at the Women’s are provided between 6 and 12 weeks gestation from last normal menstrual period (LNMP). In some circumstances, STOP can be provided up to 18 weeks. The availability and suitability of the type of procedure will be assessed at Intake, and confirmed when a woman attends her appointment for the medical consultation.


Pregnancy options counselling and post abortion counselling are optional services offered to all women at no cost.

What your patient should bring

If your patient has arranged an appointment with PAS please remind them to bring, if possible:

  • A GP letter – this needs to be as comprehensive as possible to enable triaging, please include:
    • Results confirming the pregnancy
    • Estimated gestation
    • Ultrasound results if available
  • Blood Group card if available
  • Medicare card and health care card if applicable.

Please ask the woman to phone the PAS Intake number to enquire about an appointment.

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