What a referral needs to contain

Your referral needs to contain the information required to be able to appropriately triage a referral, allocate to a clinic and contact a woman

This includes:


  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Phone (preferably mobile)
  • Medicare number (Health insurance details if no Medicare number provided)
  • GP details –practice address and provider number
  • Country of Birth
  • ATSI status

Additional needs:

  • Interpreter and language required
  • Special needs (e.g. mobility)


Please provide all relevant history, symptoms, signs, investigation results, medication and management and any reasons that identify your patient as high risk or in need of early hospital assessment.

Specific pre-referral management:

For some clinical conditions, we request that specific investigations are performed prior to referring your patient.

These specific clinical requirements are included in the links in the table below.

Addressed to a specific doctor

Some of our clinics operate as mixed MBS and non-MBS-billed outpatient clinics. Because of this, we request that all referrals are addressed to a named medical practitioner. This enables us to provide patients with a choice of being treated as either a private or public patient.

Please address referrals to Dr Len Matthews.

Also see Referrals to the Women's at Sandringham

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