Breast Service

The Combined Breast Service of the Royal Women's Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital is a joint service that provides a full range of care for all types of breast disease. 

Assessment of breast symptoms, diagnosis and management of breast cancer and pre-cancerous diseases is the main focus of our work. We are closely affiliated with the Familial Cancer Centre and the Breast/Ovarian Cancer risk management clinic at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.  The Breast Service is actively involved in a number of research programs.


  • Breast symptom assessment and management
  • Breast imaging
  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Medical oncology
  • Radiation oncology (in association with external providers)
  • Supportive care

A breast reconstruction service is available to eligible women after breast cancer diagnosis. This service includes education and support to empower decision making.  

Clinical inclusion

A referral to the Breast Service from a General Practitioner or other doctor. 

Clinical exclusion

Cosmetic breast surgery


Monday mornings. 

The Breast Service also has outpatient clinics at The Royal Melbourne Hospital on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings. Patients referred to the Breast Service will be offered the next available appropriate appointment, which may be at the Women’s or at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.


Referrals are accepted on the basis of a GPs judgement. It is often appropriate for some imaging to be done prior to referral, including bilateral mammography for most patients over 40, and an ultrasound of a symptomatic area. Many presentations and imaging findings can be managed in general practice without referral to the Breast Service. 

Urgent referrals, where cancer is, or is likely to be the diagnosis, will generally be seen within one week.  Less urgent referrals will generally be seen within one month. Triaging will be made on the basis of the referral, although phone calls are welcome for discussion of specific cases.


Please complete and fax the Fast Fax Referral form

Pre-referral guidelines

Please provide copies of the results of any recent mammography and breast ultrasound, as well as any biopsies. Patients must bring along copies of any mammograms and ultrasounds (films or CDs).

Urgent referrals 

Please mark the fax referral as urgent or call the Breast Fellow or Breast Care Nurse on our direct line.


Appointment details will be sent directly to the patient and the GP will be notified.

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Contact details

  • GP Quick Access (GP only)
    • P:
      (03) 8345 2058
  • Fast Fax Referrals
    • F:
      (03) 8345 3036

Breast Service

  • Professor Bruce Mann
    Director of the Breast Service at the Women’s/RMH
  • Ms Monika Toth
    Breast Service Secretary
    • P:
      (03) 8345 3561
  • A/Prof John Collins
    Breast Surgeon
  • Mr Craig Murphy
    Breast Surgeon
  • Dr Anita Skandarajah
    Breast Surgeon
  • Mr Robert Tasevski
    Breast Surgeon
  • Mr Dean Trotter
    Plastic Surgeon
  • Dr Richard de Boer
    Medical Oncologist
  • A/Prof Michael Green
    Medical Oncologist
  • Prof Geoffrey Lindeman
    Medical Oncologist
  • A/Prof Clare Scott
    Medical Oncologist
  • Dr Cath Oakman
    Medical Oncologist
  • Monique Baldacchino
    Breast Care Nurse
  • Sue Thomas
    Breast Care Nurse
  • Kerry Shanahan
    Breast Care Nurse
  • Bronwyn Flanagan
    Breast Care Nurse
    • Direct Line:
      (03) 8345 3561
    • Fax:
      (03) 8345 3036
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