Baby Makes 3

Maintaining healthy relationships during the transition to parenthood

parents and baby

Baby Makes 3 provides an opportunity for expectant new parents to talk about the changes they are likely to experience when becoming a parent and what it means to them and their relationship. There is no cost to attend the session.

Topics covered in the Baby Makes 3 program:

  • Becoming a parent for the first time
  • Expectations of mums and dads
  • Who does what?
  • Healthy and relationships 
  • Meaningful equality
  • Communication

Expectant parents participate in the program when the woman is around 30-32 weeks pregnant but you need to book from 16 weeks gestation in order to get the session of your choice.

This is a free event, however registration is mandatory. One ticket is for both you and your partner or support person to attend.

You can bring snacks and drinks to consume during workshops or purchase food and drinks from the retail precinct before the workshop.

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