Newborn care

As experts in complex and complicated pregnancies in Victoria, we care for more than 1,700 premature and unwell babies each year.

The Women’s has one of Australia’s largest specialist newborn intensive and special care units. Some of Victoria’s most unwell and premature babies come to us to receive the highly specialised care required for their survival. 

Our teams work around the clock to care for the newborns and support the families through the highly emotional and often difficult and challenging journey. Some babies will spend weeks, even months in our hospital.

Most parents have had no experience with a baby born premature or unwell. We aim to settle and stabilise a baby into the nursery while welcoming and familiarising parents to this new environment.

Each family who has a baby in NISC will have a Care Manager to support and guide them through their stay. Care Managers are available seven days a week to support and coordinate care.

While caring for our babies, we help parents learn to become involved. We recognise that parents are the most important members of the care giving team. Their voice, smell and touch are already familiar to their baby and their presence and involvement supports their baby’s continuing growth and development.

For the very preterm babies, we offer a Hospital in the Home service and an integrated follow-up program.


  • As one of Australia’s largest maternity hospitals dealing with complex, high-risk pregnancies, we care for more than 1,700 unwell and premature babies each year.
  • Our Newborn Research Centre is a world leader in improving brain and lung outcomes for babies requiring intensive care. Our research focus on resuscitating babies and helping them to breathe has contributed significantly to international guidelines.
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