Human Research Ethics Committee Membership

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The Human Research Ethics Committee operates in accordance with the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research and other relevant federal and state legislation and regulations.

Royal Women's Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee members

Dr Benjamin Cebon Chair
Mr Peter Pick Layman
Ms Georgia Brown
Ms Anusha Hingalagoda
Dr Sarah Heynemann
Dr Ling Lee
Person with current research experience that is relevant to research proposals considered by the Women's Human Research Ethics Committee
Ms Kerri Felemonow
Ms Susan McNulty
Ms Jo Vink
Person with knowledge of, & current experience in professional care, counselling or treatment of people
Rev Angela Cook Person who performs a pastoral care role in a community
Ms Vanessa Baic
Ms Anja Ellwood
Mr Sam Funnell
Associate Professor Alex Polyakov (Deputy Chair) Administration Nominee
Associate Professor Martin Healey Chair, Royal Women's Hospital Research Committee
Mr Arthur Hui Secretary