Research committee membership

The Women's Research Committee functions as an advisory committee to the ethics committees.

All research projects involving humans and the use of animals must receive approval by the Research Committee before they are progressed to the relevant ethics committee(s) for consideration and approval.

Research Committee members

Professor Lex Doyle – Chair Head, Clinical Research Development Service, the Women's - Chair
Professor Shaun Brennecke Director, Pregnancy Research Centre - Deputy Chair
Dr Tom Cade Obstestrician and Head, Diabetes Service, the Women's
Dr Alyssa Cornall/Dr Gerald Murray/Dr Jennifer Danielewski Centre for Women's Infectious Diseases, the Women's
Associate Professor Alicia Dennis Director of Anaesthetic Research, Senior Medical Staff Representative, the Women's
Assoc Prof Martin Healey/Dr Alex Ades Head of Gyneacology Clinics, the Women's
Ms Huda Ismail Deputy Director of Pharmacy, the Women's
Dr Bill Kalionis Senior Research Fellow, Pregnancy Research Centre, the Women's - Deputy Chair
Dr Omar Kamlin/Dr Marta Theo/Dr Jennifer Dawson Newborn Research Centre, the Women's
Mr Robert Mahar Research Fellow (Biostatistics), Melbourne School of Population Health, The University of Melbourne
Associate Professor Ricardo Palma-Dias Director of Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine Specialist, the Women's
Professor Peter Rogers Director of Research, the Women's
Dr Touran Shafiei Resarch Fellow, Judith Lumley Centre, LaTrobe University
Associate Professor Lesley Stafford Head of Clinical Psychology, Centre for Women's Mental Health, the Women's
Mr Arthur Hui Secretary

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