Research Week 2018 - program

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Monday 19 November 2018

Research Week Opening, Conference Room A

Chair: Dr Sue Matthews

Prof Cheryl Jones, CEO MACH
Opening address: The role of MACH and other Academic Health Centres in driving research translation

Keynote Speaker, Conference Room A

Chair: Yasmin Jayasinghe 

Prof Sue Walker, Director of Perinatal Medicine, Mercy Hospital
‘No one can whistle a symphony’: the value of collaboration in research

Poster Viewing, Conference Room Foyer

Lunch (Sandwiches and beverages provided)

Women’s Experts Speak: Session 1, Conference Room A

Prof Kelsey Hegarty, Family Violence Prevention
What enables sustainable screening for family violence in antenatal care?


A/Prof Lesley Stafford, Mental Health
Enhancing Parenting in Cancer (EPIC): Development and evaluation of a novel intervention to support parents with cancer who have young children.


Prof Suzanne Garland, Centre for Women’s Infectious Diseases
Generating epidemiological, economic and attitudinal evidence to inform policy-making about HPV vaccine introduction in India and Ethiopia.


A/Prof Jeanie Cheong, Newborn Research (Preterm follow-up) 
Changing long-term outcomes of extremely preterm infants in Victoria

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Workshop 1, Conference Room A
  Chair: Dr Michelle Peate

Dr Shane Huntington
The Architecture of Research Communication – What Nobody Taught You   
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Dr Rebecca Szabo, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist & Medical Educator RWH & Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne
Social media for medicine and academia

Poster Viewing, Conference Room Foyer

Lunch (Sandwiches and beverages provided)

Student Symposium: Session 1, Conference Room A
  Chair: Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson

Larissa Ratten (PhD, Infectious Diseases)
Does the “the pill” impact vaginal health?


Pamela McCalman (Masters, Midwifery)
“What does our mob think?” Baggarrook Yurrongi, Nurragh Manma Buliana. Improving care for mothers and babies through continuity of midwife care.


Elizabeth Baker (PhD, Newborn)
Renewal: Reducing Neonatal Lung Disease with Amnion Cells


Chelsea Perera (Hons, Pregnancy)
The Expression and Role of Endoglin in Decidual Mesenchymal Stem Cells


Molly Churchill (Hons, Gynaecology)
High-throughput screening of drugs for repurposing as endometriosis therapeutics

Student Symposium: Session 2, Conference Room A
  Chair: Dr Gerald Murray

Amanda Kwong (PhD, Newborn)
The Baby Moves smartphone app for General Movements Assessment: Engagement amongst extremely preterm and term-born infants in a state-wide geographic study


Michael Yang (PhD, Pregnancy)
The Matrix: Building More Bioactive Extracellular Matrices via Tuning of Substrate Stiffness


Jessica Maxwell (Masters, CASA House)
Shut up and Get on With It: International Students' Experiences of Sexual Assault in a Neoliberal and Postcolonial Australia


Anna Dan Li (Hons, Gynaecology)
Menstrual Needs: Exploring the unmet needs of adolescent girls with heavy menstrual bleeding and/or pain


Prisha Balgovind (Hons, Infectious Diseases)
Human papillomavirus prevalence in young Australian men aged 18-35 years

Student symposium: Session 3, Conference Room A
3.30–5.00pm Chair: Dr Harry Georgiou

Amelia Lee (Dietitian, Allied Health) Not eligible for student prize
Pregnant women falling short of dietary recommendations


Carissa Kuswanto (PhD, Mental Health)    
Psychological distress, role and identity in mothers following a cancer diagnosis: A mixed-method systematic review


Kate Hodgson (PhD, Newborn)
Nasal high flow to support endotracheal intubation: a systematic review and proposed randomised controlled trial


Ramin Khanabdali (PhD, Pregnancy)
Extracellular Vesicle Profile of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells derived from Early-Term and Late/Post-Term Human Placenta:  A Proxy to Understand Placental Ageing


Brayden Fraser (Masters, Gynaecology)
MALDI-FT-ICR-MS imaging to understand metabolic drivers of endometriosis

Wednesday 21 November 2018

Women’s Experts Speak: Session 2, Conference Room A
11.00–12.00pm Chair: Prof Peter Rogers

TBC, Gynaecology Research


Dr Trisha Prentice, Newborn Research
Moral distress in the NICU


Prof Della Forster, Midwifery and Maternity Services Research
Co-designing research with  consumers and end users

Poster Viewing, Conference Room Foyer
12.00–12.30pm Lunch (Sandwiches and beverages provided)
Student symposium: Session 4, Conference Room A
12.30–1.45pm Chair: Dr Jennifer Marino

Katherine Moore (MDRP, Pregnancy)
Trauma in pregnancy: a ten-year analysis of maternal and fetal outcomes


Tahlia Sugrue (MDRP, Anaesthetics)          
The Six Minute Walk Test in Pregnancy: Mid-Pregnancy Study


Eliza Colgrave (PhD, Gynaecology)
Characterisation of Endometriotic Lesions


Ying Zhi Gu (Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow) Not eligible for student prize
Hypoplastic nasal bone: a potential marker for facial dysmorphism associated with pathogenic copy number variants on microarray

Keynote Speaker: Early Career Researchers, Conference Room A  
2.00–3.00pm Chair: Prof David Copolov AO, Chair, Board Research Committee, the Women's

Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson (Research Fellow, Gynaecology)
Generation of immortalized human endometrial stromal cell lines with different endometriosis risk genotypes


Dr Rose Boland (Research Fellow, Newborn)
Born before arrival, born too soon


Dr Jacqueline Donoghue (Research Fellow, Gynaecology)
High-throughput compound screening to identify unexplored therapeutic opportunities for endometriosis

Student symposium: Session 5, Conference Room A
3.30–5.00pm Chair: Dr Dorothy Machalek

Robyn Mathews (Masters, Midwifery)       
What factors contribute to how midwives feel about their work - and do years of experience make a difference? Findings from the 'EXPert' study


Shixuan Zheng (Hons, Pregnancy) 
The Effect of Extracellular Vesicles on Damaged Endothelial Cells: Modelling Preeclampsia


Emily Bellis (Hons, Gynaecology)   
Menstrual Needs: What about parents? Exploring the unmet needs of parents of adolescent girls with heavy menstrual bleeding and menstrual pain


Erica Plummer (PhD, Infectious Diseases) 
Sexual behaviours impact the vaginal microbiota of women who have sex with women


Eliza Colgrave (PhD, Gynaecology)
Characterisation of Endometriotic Lesions

Thursday 22 November 2018

Women’s Experts Speak: Session 3, Conference Room A  

12.00–1.00pm Chair: Dr Jacqui Donoghue

Dr Bill Kalionis, Pregnancy Research
Stem Cells: From Bench to Delivery Room


A Prof Alicia Dennis, Anaesthetics Research
A cardiovascular and respiratory research program in obstetric anaesthesia


Dr Edward O'Mahony, for Allied Health Research
Ultrasound and MRI in the Antenatal Diagnosis of Syndromic Craniosynostosis

Keynote Speaker, Conference Room A  

12.00–1.00pm Chair: A/Prof Orla McNally 

Prof Clare Scott, Women’s Cancer Research Centre, RWH & UoM.
Harnessing pre-clinical models to fast-track outcomes for women with gynecological cancers  

Award Presentations, Conference Room Foyer 

3.00–3.30pm Chair: Prof David Copolov AO / Prof Peter Rogers

Award Presentations
Student Awards (x2)
Poster Awards (x2)
Early Career  Awards (x1)


Refreshments (Finger food and beverages provided)

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