Research Week - Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Prof Susan Walker, Director of Perinatal Medicine, Mercy Hospital

‘No one can whistle a symphony’: the value of collaboration in research'

Prof Clare Scott, Professor of Gynaecological Cancer, Royal Women’s Hospital

Harnessing pre-clinical models to fast-track outcomes for women with gynecological cancers

Workshop Speakers

Dr Shane Huntington, University of Melbourne
The Architecture of Research Communication – What Nobody Taught You

The Architecture of Research Communication – What Nobody Taught You
From an early age, we all learn the basic building blocks of mathematics and language and our skills in these areas are enhanced year after year. But communication skills, one of the core attributes of almost any job or interaction, are not taught even at university level. For researchers and clinicians these skills are of paramount importance. Sadly, the standard of communication from researchers is relatively poor and when it comes to the health of our community this can have terrible consequences. The current struggle to maintain immunization rates is a disturbing example. The idea that we will just ‘learn these skills along the way’ is woefully inadequate.

In this discussion, I will talk about the architecture of good communication – unpacking the most critical axioms of how to be an effective communicator. I will be providing a framework from which people can continually improve their communication skills and understand the nuances of this highly complex field. Importantly, we will also be discussing specific techniques for both seeking and providing effective feedback – a cornerstone of improving every form of communication that we do.


Dr Rebecca Szabo, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist & Medical Educator at The Royal Women's Hospital, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne
Social media for medicine and academia



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