Research Posters


Monday 18 November
  • 2.00-2.30pm         

Tuesday 19 November
  • 10.30-11.00am

  • 12.15-1.00pm

  • 2.15-2.45pm

Posters displayed in the Conference Room Foyer during Research week

  1. Campbell KR
    Identifying and evaluating biological pathways associated with endometriosis
  2. Chen V, Sheehan P
    Outpatient versus inpatient catheter balloon cervical ripening – a randomised trial
  3. Jun BK, Chung J, Maderazo D, Healey M, Holdsworth-Carson SJ, Rogers PAW
    Is it possible to identify predictors of repeat gynaecological surgery in patients with endometriosis: a retrospective cohort study
  4. A Kanga-Parabia, J Kennedy, L Gaffney, T Davis, S Fawcett
    “I felt relieved at one point, but I wasn’t quite sure if it’s really ok”: Women’s experiences of receiving variants of uncertain significance through prenatal microarray
  5. A. Kidman, B. Manley, R. Boland, P. Davis, R. Bhatia
    Extubation characteristics of extremely preterm infants
  6. J Lay, L Leung, C Gilmartin
    Metabolic support as treatment for intractable neonatal seizures
  7. E O’Shea, H Clark, R Serrano Real, L Gillam, L Orme, M Zacharin, M McCarthy, M Sullivan, D Gook, C Stern, H Bourne, G Clarke, L Super, Y Jayasinghe
    Safe and effective implementation of a fertility preservation program within a single paediatric institution
  8. E L Plummer, L Vodstrcil, C Fairley, J Danielewski, G Murray, M Doyle,  G Fehler, M Kaiser, C McGuinness, SM Garland, D Bulach, E Chow, J Hocking, C Bradshaw
    A pilot study of male partner treatment in women with bacterial vaginosis
  9. S Sandhu, M Hickey, S Braat, A Poterie, R Lew, F Agresta, J Fisher, W Ledger, K Hammarberg and M Peate on behalf of the Eggsurance? Study Collaborative Group.
    Exploring the information and decision-making needs of women interested in elective egg freezing information
  10. A Slater, R Lew and M Peate
    Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation: General Practitioner knowledge, attitudes and practices
  11. C Smithson, H McLachlan, D Forster and M Newton
    Asking women aBout disabiLitiEs during maternity care (the ABLE study): exploring how women with a disability are identified, and what percentage of women identify as having a disability 
  12. S Twomey, T Cade, S Gilbert
    Potential new models of care for the management of diet-controlled gestational diabetes: preliminary analysis of compliance, costs-of-care and health outcomes
  13. S Zheng, R Khanabdali, M Kokkinos, H Georgiou, B Kalionis
    The role of miRNA-516b-5p in late-term decidual mesenchymal stem/stromal cells using a knockdown model
  14. S Badurdeen, A Gill, M Kluckow, P Davis, G Schmölzer, S Hooper, G Polglase
    Return of spontaneous circulation is associated with excess oxygen delivery in near-term asphyxiated lambs
  15. K Hegarty, M Kyei-Onanjiri, C Bert      
    Embedding Technological Tools into Screening for Family Violence in Antenatal Care
  16. L Amir, S Amir, J Rudner
    Making breastfeeding visible: Evaluating strategies to increase women's comfort with breastfeeding in public
  17. RA Boland and LW Doyle
    Active management of inborn versus outborn livebirths at 22-24 weeks’ gestation
  18. E Menkhorst, T Edgell, K Rainczuk, E Dimitriadis
    Decidual-Secreted miRs: Essential Mediators Of Maternal-Fetal Dialogue During Early Pregnancy 
  19. Menkhorst EM, Zhang J, Loke H, Rainczuk K, Santos L, Zhou W, St-Pierre Y, Dimitriadis E  
    Elevated galectin-7 during mid-gestation causes preeclampsia features in mice and impairs pup post-natal growth

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