Childbirth and Parenting classes at Sandringham

Childbirth and Parenting workshops encourage women and their partners/support persons to know their options and make informed choices during pregnancy, labour and birth.

The workshops are held in Sandringham on weeknights and weekends. The weekend workshop runs over one full day (BYO Lunch). If you are attending evening workshops, you will need to go to three midwife evening workshops.

Please make sure that you complete the booking process for your workshops before your 36th week of pregnancy. 

It is important to attend all workshops. A refund will only be available if the cancellation is made at least one week before the first booked workshop.

Course Content

Midwife Workshop: Planning for a normal birth  Workshop 1 of the evening workshops. Included in the weekend workshop.

This class provides all the key information you and your support person need to prepare for a normal birth. Topics covered include:

  • What happens during the last few weeks of pregnancy
  • The normal progress of labour
  • When to contact the hospital and when to come in
  • Managing your labour including an introduction to active birth
  • The role of the support person
  • Relaxation strategies

Midwife Workshop: When things don't go to plan  - Workshop 2 of the evening workshops. Included in the weekend workshop.

This class is designed to prepare you for the possible challenges surrounding labour and birth including managing pain, slow progress or posterior position and interventions such as induction of labour, instrumental birth and caesarean section (planned or emergency). During this session we also cover labour scenarios and what to expect as part of your postnatal care in hospital.

Midwife Workshop: Baby and beyond  - Workshop 3 of the evening workshops. Included in the weekend workshop.

So baby has arrived ..... what now? This class will help you understand on what a newborn baby is like, what to expect in the first few days post-birth, how to care for a newborn and breastfeeding.

Topics covered include the appearance of your newborn baby, newborn feeding behaviour and output, sleep patterns, tests and vaccinations, SIDs guidelines and child safety, postnatal support and community resources.

To help with the transition to parenthood we provide practical information on breastfeeding, sleeping and settling a newborn, bathing, wrapping and changing nappies as well as scenarios for managing life as a new parent.

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