Great reasons to support the Women’s Foundation

Great reasons to support the Women's, Australia's first and largest specialist hospital for women and newborns:

  1. As experts in complex and high-risk pregnancies, the Women’s manages more than 7,000 births and provides care for more than 1,700 premature and very sick babies each year. The hospital is here for women and newborns in their critical time of need.
  2. As specialists in women’s health, the hospital sees more than 200,000 women and provides treatment and care for some of women’s greatest health concerns: recurrent miscarriage, infertility, mental health in pregnancy and motherhood, incontinence, heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, menopause, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other gynaecological cancers.
  3. As a hospital that cares for all women, the Women’s has developed specialised care for some of the most vulnerable women in Victoria; those who have experienced sexual assault or violence, those who are under-age facing unplanned pregnancies, those with disabilities, those with drug & alcohol dependencies and those who find themselves homeless without proper access to health services.
  4. As a hospital caring for this generation and the next, the Women’s is utterly committed to progress and innovation when it comes to treatment and care. Research has been built into every stream of the hospital, which means that women and babies are the first in line to receive the most advanced treatment available.
  5. Every single day the hospital saves lives. And every single day the hospital works to develop new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat conditions that affect women and newborns.

As a public hospital conducting research, donations are especially important. Your donations enable us to drive research and innovation across all areas of the hospital and to focus on new initiatives that will make a big difference to women and babies of this generation and the next.

Donations are never used to support the hospital's operating costs or to pay for programs or equipment that are government-funded.

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