What your donations helped to achieve in 2017 - 2018

Foundation distributions 2017-18

Thanks to your generosity, in the last financial year the Women's Foundation distributed a record $2.12 million to the Women's Hospital, 77% of which was used for research, 12% for equipment and technology, 9% for creating exceptional patient care and 2% for investing in our staff.  

Your generous support of the Women's Foundation means our investment in equipment and technology led to four new vital signs monitors purchased for babies in Sandringham’s Special Care Nursery, six reclining chairs purchased for mums breastfeeding and nipple tattooing equipment purchased to help instil confidence in our breast cancer survivors.

Our focus on advances in research went towards conducting the world’s largest study to compare BMI with endometriosis and over $400,000 invested in our Centre for Women’s Mental Health. This investment created the Safe Mothers, Safe Babies program to support pregnant women at risk of domestic violence along with conducting the Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR) study to help mums with mental health issues interact better with their baby.

With $36,614 awarded to staff for professional development, we were able to recognize eight award recipients through donor funded scholarships and grants. As Sue McMahon, Diane Foster Bursary Recipient 2017, said, “When I’ve been through a few tough times in doubt of myself, the award has kept me going knowing that somebody else has contributed to my goals and dreams.”

The Women’s Foundation is proud to help the creation of exceptional patient experiences by celebrating and supporting the Baggarrook program which works with pregnant Aboriginal women, purchasing phone charging stations to help keep patients and families in touch, supporting a pregnancy and infant loss remembrance event and building a chronic pelvic pain app to help alleviate suffering.

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