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Are you celebrating a big event or marking a significant milestone?

At the Women’s, we care for women at all stages of life. From teenage years, to welcoming a new baby, celebrating a health milestone, reaching a special birthday and all the way through the older years; wherever women are at in their journey, we are there for them.

Perhaps you are celebrating a first birthday, a christening, a Bat Mitzvah, a graduation or an 80th birthday. If you are celebrating a special event or milestone and would like to make a special contribution to women’s health, you can:

-       Ask guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts or flowers
-       Collect donations at a party or celebration
-       Give a donation to the value of what you would have spent on a party or a night out

Please consider making a donation to the Women's as a way to spread the goodwill. Donations enable us to drive innovation and research across every area of the hospital and to develop new treatments and care that will benefit this generation and the next. Your life celebration can help us make a difference.

Contact Zareen (hyperlink email) to discuss your ideas or easily start your own fundraising page through EverydayHero.

Are you looking to honour someone special?

When someone close to you passes away, you may wish in memoriam donations to be made to the Women’s, in lieu of flowers at the funeral or to honour their memory and ensure their legacy.

These donations can be directed to a specific area of the hospital according to the wishes of the family or they may be given to be used wherever it is most needed at the time. The choice is always yours.

Please contact Zareen (hyperlink email) to arrange for in memoriam envelopes to be sent to you or to assist you in creating a fundraising page. You can start your own fundraising page through EverydayHero.

We ask that these envelopes remain sealed and, if possible, delivered back to the Foundation office. If delivery is difficult or not possible, please contact the Foundation and we will make alternative arrangements.

In memoriam donations will be receipted direct to the donors. The family of the bereaved will be advised of the names of those people who have chosen to make a gift.

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