Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome at the Women’s, but for the comfort, health and safety of our patients, we ask you to please respect the visiting hours. We also ask you to please stay away from the hospital if you are feeling ill or have recently been ill.


Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Visiting hours are from 2.30pm – 8pm daily.

Visiting hours for parents of babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit are unrestricted. Babies born sick or premature can spend many week, even months in our hospital. We recognise that parents are the most important members of the care giving team and so visiting hours for parents are unrestricted. To help provide a quiet and safe environment for all babies, we request that no more than three people (including the baby’s parents) are at a baby’s bedside at any one time. There is no restriction on how long you may stay at a baby’s bedside, however our staff may ask parents and visitors to leave from time to time, during doctor’s rounds or staff handovers. Family and friends (including children), may visit babies in special or intensive care according to the wishes of the parents. Written permission from the parents is required for family members or friends to visit in the absence of parents.

Maternity Ward

Visiting hours are from 2.30pm – 8pm daily.

Partners can visit between 8am – 8.30pm.

Gynaecology & Cancer Ward

Visiting hours are from 2.30pm – 8pm daily.

Alternative visiting hours may be negotiated with the nurse in charge in special circumstances.


Visitors are welcome from 3pm - 8pm daily.

Partners and siblings are welcome from 8am - 12.30pm and 3pm - 8pm.

No visitors during rest time from 12.30pm to 3pm.

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