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GP News, Issue 23 - March 2021

Articles in issue 23:

  • Shared Maternity Care schedule changes
  • COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy, pre-pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • COVID vaccination and cancer
  • Hospital update
  • National Cervical Screening changes: Intermediate risk (HPV non 16/18 with low grade cytology changes or better)
  • Survey about the delivery of vaccine preventable infections in pregnancy
  • Education opportunities with CPD points
  • Dermatology advice and education service available online: for ACRRM members and rural doctors (MM3 and above)
  • Recent news from the Women's

GP News, Issue 22 - Dec 2020

Articles in issue 22:

  • Shared Care Progress Letter
  • Sign up to Parkville Connect
  • Early Pregnancy Assessment Service referrals
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Pregnant with twins, Mia contracted COVID-19
  • Exploring the health response to family violence
  • Recent news from the Women's

GP News, Issue 21 - Sept 2020

Articles in issue 21:

  • Shared Maternity Care updates: Patient Held Pregnancy Record changes
  • Testing for gestational diabetes during COVID
  • Dysplasia clinic changes to cervical screening
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Upcoming education
  • Recent news from the Women's

GP News, Issue 20 - July 2020

Articles in issue 20:

  • Preparing for EMR and Parkville Connect go-live
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Movements matter (Safer Care Victoria’s campaign)
  • Upcoming education
  • Addressing FGM
  • Recent news from the Women's

GP News, Issue 19 - May 2020

Articles in issue 19:

  • Thank you for partnering with us to provide high quality healthcare in these challenging times
  • Changes to services under COVID-19 restrictions
  • Women’s Health and Gynaecology referrals
  • Women’s Health elective surgery
  • Maternity referrals
  • Antenatal, labour and postnatal care
  • Other general precautions at the Women’s
  • Are pregnant women considered an 'at risk' group for COVID-19?
  • Access to electronic medical records
  • Influenza vaccine reminder
  • Recent news

GP News, Issue 18 - January 2020

Articles in issue 18:

  • Advice for pregnant women around smoke haze
  • Measles immunity and vaccination
  • Shared Maternity Care (Guidelines update, Re-credentialing update)
  • Statewide Referral Criteria
  • Recent news

GP News, Issue 17 - October 2019

Articles in issue 17:

  • New resources on risk reducing surgery for women at high risk of ovarian cancer
  • Changes to Maternity Care Model and Shared Maternity Care
  • Changes to referral and acceptance process
  • Re-credential as a Shared Maternity Care Affiliate
  • Abortion, sexual and reproductive health services: Referral to 1800MyOptions
  • Upcoming events

GP News, Issue 16 - July 2019

Articles in issue 16:

  • Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) review paves way for equitable IVF access, says the Women’s
  • Increasing participation in Shared Maternity Care
  • Recredentialing as shared maternity care affiliate
    (Triennium 1, January 2020 – 31 December 2022)
  • African Women's Clinic
  • Influenza and Pertussis vaccination in pregnancy
  • Continuing professional development

GP News, Issue 15 - April 2019

Articles in issue 15:

  • Medical research grant (research relating to bacterial vaginosis)
  • Changes to maternity referrals
  • Flu vaccine in pregnancy
  • Continuing professional development
  • Research participation

GP News, Issue 14 - December 2018

Articles in issue 14:

  • New Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) guidelines
  • Use of low dose aspirin in pregnancy
  • Sexual and reproductive health services
  • Maternity eHandbook
  • Survey for women on egg freezing
  • Newborn Observation (NBO) Training

GP News, Issue 13 - October 2018

Articles in issue 13:

  • Bridging the gap between in-hospital and community care
  • New referral templates
  • The Women's is moving to electronic discharge summaries on Argus
  • Professional development and resources

GP News, Issue 12 - June 2018

Articles in issue 12:

  • New test predicts potentially deadly pre-eclampsia
  • Access our GP continuing professional development online
  • Shared maternity guidelines feedback survey
  • Save the dates
  • Study participants required

GP News, Issue 11 - March 2018

Articles in issue 11:

  • Elimination of cervical cancer in sight (IPVS statement)
  • 1800 My Options Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Phoneline Service
  • Transvaginal Mesh Inquiry
  • Pregnancy Care, Shared Care Guidelines
  • New patient information pamphlets
  • Fundamentals in Obstetric Care workshop
  • Antenatal care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women

GP News, Issue 10 - December 2017

Articles in issue 10:

  • Study confirms young people welcome GPs raising issues of reproductive health with them
  • Maternity eHandbook 
  • GPs are tops - ABS latest stats
  • Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Clinical Care Standard
  • Consulting rooms to rent?

GP News, Issue 9 - September 2017

Articles in issue 9:

  • First time mothers hesitant about childhood vaccination (new study)
  • Flu vaccination: the best protection for pregnant women 
  • For your attention! 
    • Referrals to the Women's
    • Sexual counselling clinic
    • Essure contraceptive device
    • Peer support for women diagnosed with cancer
    • The Endocrine and Metabolic Service at the Women's
  • Professional development
    • Perineal Trauma Masterclass
    • Pelvic Floor Symposium
    • Seminar on Pregnancy, Neonatal and Infant Issues

GP News, Issue 8 - June 2017

Articles in issue 8:

  • New Ambulatory Gynaecology Service
  • For your attention! 
    • Pregnancy Record documentation in shared care
    • Opportunities for professional development
  • The importance of Fundal Height
  • Optimal Care Pathways for cancer
  • The Pregnancy Advisory Service

GP News, Issue 7 - March 2017

Articles in issue 7:

  • Focus on endometriosis in March
  • Continuing Professional Development 
  • Update for urogynaecology referrals to the Royal Women's Hospital
  • Neonatal e-handbook updates
  • National Cervical Cancer Screening Program: revised start date 1 December 2017
  • The Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program

GP News, Issue 6 - December 2016

Articles in issue 6:

  • Early help cuts high rates of depression in mothers of preterm babies
  • Shared maternity care reaccreditation; Reaccreditation for Shared Maternity Care Affiliate GPs and Obstetricians
  • Referral to the Women's Pregnancy Advisory Service
  • Seminar: Breast, gynaecological and prostate cancer management in primary health care
  • Neonatal ehandbook and new maternity ehandbook
  • Australia's mothers and babies 2014—in brief

GP News, Issue 5 - September 2016

Articles in issue 5:

  • Vaccinations during pregnancy
  • Seminar on Pregnancy, Neonatal and Infant Issues
  • Training in psychosexual medicine at the Women's
  • Perinatal data: birth outcomes
  • New Parkville cancer care model
  • Victorian Maternity and Newborn Clinical Network (VMNCN) newsletter
  • Shared Maternity Care Workshop 2016 fully booked

GP News, Issue 4 - July 2016

Articles in issue 4:

  • Strengthening Hospital Responses to Family Violence
  • Changes to women's health referral process
    • Change to named referral
    • Interpreter requirement
  • Well Women’s Clinic closure
  • Relocation of day chemotherapy services to Peter Mac
  • Having your baby at the Women’s
  • Multiple Pregnancy - CME Symposium
  • Contemporary Issues in Clinical Obstetrics: Multiple pregnancy

GP News, Issue 3 - April 2016

Articles in issue 3:

  • Assisting FGM/C affected women
  • Reaccreditation for Shared Maternity Care Affiliates: 2017-2019
  • Pregnancy Advisory Service (PAS)
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Zika virus and pregnancy
  • The Women's Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Medicines Guide 
  • Discharge summary is changing

GP News, Issue 2 - December 2015

Articles in Issue 2:

  • New model of postnatal-care at the Women's
  • Victorian Maternity Record
  • SMC Guidelines 2015 Competition winners

GP News, Issue 1 - September 2015

Articles in Issue 1:

  • New testing protocol for Gestational Diabetes at the Women’s
  • Who to test early for diabetes with GTT or other screenings
  • Neonatal eHandbook - a free online resource
  • Reminder to give women hard copy test results to take to first pregnancy hospital appointment
  • Folic acid fortification issues: Chief Health Officer Advice

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