Abortion of pregnancy referrals

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The Women’s Abortion and Contraception Service

Abortions are provided at the Women’s in accordance with state legislation, The Abortion Law Reform Act 2008

Medical and surgical abortions are offered at the Women’s according to individual preference, clinical criteria and service capacity.

Contraception services are provided as part of our comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare service. The Women’s specialise in long acting reversible contraception methods (intra-uterine device and implant) insertion and removal procedures, and advice and supply of all methods of contraception.


The Women’s provides a limited number of appointments for an abortion to Victorian women and pregnant people.

Priority access is given to:

  • people with complex medical or social needs
  • people who are vulnerable and/or disadvantaged
  • young people
  • people with a health care card.

Information and referral options

1800 My Options provide a statewide, centralised comprehensive database of abortion and long acting reversible contraception service providers based on need and geographic location. This database is the best starting point for both health professionals and patients to find a service that matches their needs. Visit 1800 My Options or phone 1800 696 784. Interpreter support is available if required, or via the Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS).

Medical abortion is an alternative to surgical abortion for an early pregnancy (up to 9 weeks gestation). EMA is a safe, effective and acceptable option for women and may be managed in primary care settings. Medical practitioners may undertake online training to become a certified provider through MS Health. View more information on EMA.

Referral to the Women's

Health professionals are welcome to contact the Abortion and Contraception Service to discuss a referral, for instance in an urgent situation, to discuss medical complexity or where your patient requires advocacy.

Abortion referrals are triaged by an intake team. To prevent delays please include the following information:

  • dating ultrasound scan
  • pathology (bhCG and blood group)
  • STI screen

Fax referral to (03) 8345 2833.

If faxing is not an option for your clinic, or you have problems with fax referrals not being received, please call us directly on (03) 8345 2832.


Pregnancy options counselling and post abortion counselling are available to women who are accepted for intake. 

1800 My Options provide a database of additional pregnancy counselling services for woman who do not access the Women’s Abortion and Contraception Service.


No cost with a Medicare Card.

For non-Medicare card holders and individual care plan and costing is arranged.

What your patient should bring

If your patient has arranged an appointment with the Women's Abortion and Contraception Service, please remind them to bring (if available):

  • Ultrasound report
  • Blood results (serumhCG and blood group)
  • STI screen
  • Medicare card and health care card if applicable.