Pastoral Care & Spirituality Services

The Women's aims to ensure that the psychosocial and spiritual values of patients, families and staff are treated with dignity and that where possible, the pastoral and spiritual needs of these individuals are met while they are a patient in the hospital.

Pastoral Care and Spirituality Services (PCSS) seeks to meet these aims. PCSS values:

  • The dignity of each person
  • Compassionate presence at times of personal significance
  • Freedom for cultural and spiritual expression
  • Capacity for wonderment, joy and humour
  • Working together as a multi-skilled team to promote health and wellness
  • Continuing education to maintain professional standards


PCSS is committed to providing an inclusive service that meets the spiritual needs of the hospital community including:

  • Pastoral care and spiritual support
  • Pastoral counselling
  • Rites of passage and other rituals
  • Bereavement support and counselling
  • Hospital-arranged funerals for unregistered babies
  • Opportunity for prayer, reflection and meditation
  • Contact with representatives of particular faith traditions
  • Religious leaders (priests, ministers, rabbis etc.) can visit on the ward upon the patients’ request

Clinical inclusions

All patients and their families attending the Women’s. Contact can be maintained after the patient or family leaves the hospital if necessary.

Clinical exclusions

Anyone not receiving treatment or birthing at the Women’s.


Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm

A Catholic chaplain is available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 5pm


Call or page (Intake pager: 53019) the PCSS Duty Worker who will respond to all referrals as soon as possible. Referrals can be made by internal staff or external health professionals.


No appointment is necessary. Women can be referred directly to the PCSS worker within their multidisciplinary team.

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