Sexual Assault Crisis Line

The Sexual Assault Crisis Line (SACL) provides crisis counselling, support and advocacy for survivors of recent or past sexual assault, including childhood sexual abuse.

SACL is the central after hours coordination centre for all recent sexual assaults and arranges immediate crisis care responses with CASA services throughout Victoria. SACL provides information, referrals and support to victims, concerned family and community members, and health professionals.

This is a confidential service and callers can remain anonymous.


  • Crisis counseling and support for people who have experienced sexual assault, including adult survivors of childhood sexual assault.

Clinical inclusions

  • People who have experienced a recent sexual assault that has occurred within the past two weeks for a crisis care response service
  • Survivors who have experienced sexual assault at any time in their lives, including childhood sexual assault
  • Concerned community members
  • Concerned health professionals

Clinical exclusions

Perpetrators of sexual or past sexual assault/abuse including childhood sexual assault/abuse. 


SACL operates weeknights 5pm-9am and 24hrs over weekends and all public holidays.

Note: calls to the Sexual Assault Crisis Line will be diverted to the appropriate area during the day.


The Police/Emergency line is prioritised as this may indicate the need to respond to a recent sexual assault. Health professionals including emergency personnel or police can use this line to discuss the immediate options or urgent needs of their patient.

Urgent referral

Call the Emergency Services on 000