Family & Reproductive Rights Education Program

FARREP provides services for women from places where female circumcision is practised.

The intent of the service is to make it easier for women to get appropriate health information and care.

FARREP can provide secondary consultations on any health matter concerning a woman from a place that practices female circumcision. FARREP workers provide information and training on issues concerning female genital cutting (FGC), also known as female circumcision, traditional surgery or cutting and female genital mutilation.


FARREP workers are experienced and specially trained female health workers. Each speaks one or more of the following languages: Tigre, Tigrinya, Arabic, Amharic and Somali.

FARREP workers can:

  • Assist women to prepare for appointments
  • Accompany women to appointments within the hospital
  • Refer to appropriate services within the hospital or in primary care settings
  • Advocate for women if problems arise
  • Provide free health information to individuals and groups of women at the hospital or in the community
  • Provide information about female circumcision in Australia

The FARREP workers are available to meet with women referred to the African Women's Clinic who may be enquiring or requesting de-infibulation. FARREP workers are also available to provide consultation, support and education to all hospital staff and external stakeholders.

Clinical inclusion

  • FARREP is available to all African women who have experienced female genital cutting and require support, information or advocacy whilst they are receiving care at the Women’s
  • Women from non-African countries affected by female genital cutting, such as Indonesia, may also be referred to FARREP for support, advocacy and information


FARREP is available to patients of the Women’s Hospital and operates between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday – Friday.


FARREP is a free service to women and health professionals. 


Women can refer themselves to the FARREP program. FARREP services are usually available immediately and women can usually be seen on day of referral.

Pre-referral guidelines

FARREP is a service for all women of any age. Women do not have to be circumcised themselves to use the service. There are FARREP services across Victoria. Women generally use the service within their community or at the hospital they are attending, but there are no geographic boundaries for FARREP services.


Women requesting the services do not require an appointment in most situations. Women may self-refer and are usually seen on the day of referral.