Vulvar Disorders & Dermatology Clinic

The Vulvar Disorders and Dermatology clinic provides gynaecological and dermatological opinion and management of chronic vulvar disorders.

The clinic also uses physiotherapy to treat vulvar pain syndromes and also provides sexual counselling when required to patients. 


  • Dermatological assessment
  • Gynaecological and colposcopic assessment
  • Psychosexual assessment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Vulvar biopsies
  • Vulvar surgery organised

Clinical inclusion

  • Patients with vulvar itch, pain or abnormal appearance of the vulva. The clinic does not see children (children are referred to The Royal Children's Hospital).
  • Pregnant patients of the Women’s with any dermatological condition


Weekly clinic Thursday from 1:30pm to 5:00pm

Surgical (in-patient) list monthly (Wednesday morning) 


Triage staff may assign your referral to a clinic with a shorter waiting time and most appropriate speciality focus. Comprehensive referrals are required to ensure appropriate triage. Please provide as much detail as possible on presenting complaint, pre referral management, outcomes, investigations and results.


Please complete and fax the Fast Fax Referral form

Urgent referrals

Urgent referrals are triaged and the patient is given an appointment within 30 days of receipt of the referral.


An acknowledgement letter will be sent directly to the patient and the GP will be notified. The patient will then receive a letter with the appointment details.