Genetic counselling

Genetic counselling provides education and support to couples and individuals who may be affected by a genetic condition.

Genetic counselling is for anyone who has concerns about:

  • a history of a genetic condition in their family
  • a pregnancy or baby where there is a concern about a genetic problem
  • risks for future pregnancies

Clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors help individuals understand:

  • the implications of a genetic condition for themselves and their families
  • the genetic tests available to them, and whether or not to have those tests. 

Health issues treated

Genetic conditions, family history, genetic screening tests, paediatric genetic testing.


Your doctor/GP will need to fax a referral to the Women's before you can come to this clinic as a new patient. A referral is valid for 12 months.

What to bring

  • The letter sent to confirm your appointment
  • Any pathology tests or imaging such as ultrasound or MRI that would be relevant to this visit
  • Your Medicare card, Health Care Card and/or Pension Card
  • Health Insurance Card (if you have one)
  • Details of any current medication