Chronic pelvic pain

The Women’s Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to working with women experiencing chronic pelvic pain.

The clinic is the only such clinic in Victoria. It aims to help women who are willing to use self-management techniques to improve their quality of life.

What we do

Treatment at the Women’s Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic may include:

  • Attending a comprehensive pelvic pain education program
  • Individual appointments with a medical specialist
  • Individual physiotherapy and psychology appointments
  • Individual nursing assessment and review
  • Referral to other services as required to assist with pain management
  • Liaison with your GP or other health care practitioner.

Information for patients

Your first appointment

After you have been referred to the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic, you will receive a letter of acknowledgment and notification that you are now on the CPPC waitlist.

If you are unaware of your referral to CPPC or do not need our service please call the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic enquiries number and you can be removed from the waitlist.

What you should expect on your first appointment

Your first appointment will be for a group chronic pelvic pain education session.

The session will include presentations from the medical specialist, psychologist, physiotherapist and dietician.

After attending the education session you can make an appointment for an assessment with the medical specialist to develop a treatment plan.

Your treatment

Your treatment plan will normally be explained after the first assessment from the clinician. A separate correspondence outlining treatment plan will be forwarded to the referrer, who is likely to be a gynaecologist, and to your GP. Please make sure the details of GP you provided are correct and up to date.

If you miss two appointments in a row and you would like to make another appointment, you will need a new referral from your doctor or nurse.

What to expect after treatment

Treatment time required depends on each individual patients. Our clinical staff will ensure patients have follow up appointments in order to review their progress. The focus of treatment includes both symptomatic relief, and enhanced pain management abilities. Patients are supported to develop a management plan that they can implement themselves, and with community-based supports.


You will need a referral from gynaecologist at the Women’s.

If you are not currently at patient of the Women’s, your GP should make a referral to the Women's gynaecology clinic initially, and the clinic can then refer on to the Chronic Pelvic Pain Clinic. A referral is valid for 12 months.

What to bring

  • The results of any tests you have already had
  • Your Medicare card, Health Care Card and/or Pension Card
  • Health Insurance Card (if you have one)
  • Details of any current medicines you are taking, including ones you have bought without a prescription
  • Previous correspondence from other doctors, if you have any