Breastfeeding Service

The Breastfeeding Service assists women who have given birth at the Women’s or have a baby in the Newborn Intensive Care unit or Special Care Nursery.

What we do

In partnership with the Women’s nurses and midwives, the Women’s lactation consultants support women, in hospital or after discharge, with breastfeeding and other infant feeding advice. The lactation consultants will liaise with other health professionals about breastfeeding concerns arising during pregnancy or postnatally.

The Breastfeeding Service is staffed by midwives/nurses and GPs who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. We usually see mothers/babies up to about 6 weeks of age, some older babies are seen according to clinical situation.


Women who are planning to or have birthed at the Women’s or have a baby in the Newborn Units can see our lactation consultants. Most women are referred to the service by the Women's nurses/midwives or other staff. Or you can call the Breastfeeding Service yourself.

Your appointment

  • If you have a telehealth appointment, see the instructions on our TeleHealth page.
  • If you are having an appointment with your baby, if possible, adjust your baby’s feeds so that your baby will be ready to feed.
    • Bring:
    • Any additional breastmilk/formula that your baby is usually having
    • Nappies/extra clothing
    • Your baby’s ‘Green book’ (My Health and Development Record)

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