Recurrent miscarriage

Recurrent miscarriages might indicate a specific cause of pregnancy loss.

The Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic at the Women’s provides care to women who have suffered three (3) or more consecutive (one after the other) miscarriages.

Health issues treated

Information on 1st trimester care and pregnancy care following multiple miscarriages.

What we do

We provide care, investigation, information and support for women, and their partners, who have had three (3) or more consecutive miscarriages.

Information for patients

Causes of first trimester recurrent miscarriage

After three consecutive miscarriages, it is recognised that there may be a specific or recurring cause of your pregnancy loss. Some of the established causes include chromosomal problems, immunological causes, blood coagulation problems, or a structural abnormality of the uterus.

It is also recognised that in many couples no reason may be found. We try to identify the cause of your repeated pregnancy loss and treat you appropriately.

At your first visit

At your first visit, an in-depth history will be taken from you and your partner and tests will be ordered. It is usually preferable to have this initial consultation before you try to get pregnant again. A further appointment will be organised to review the results of these tests and a management plan made for when you become pregnant.

When you become pregnant again

When you are pregnant again, you should contact the clinic for an appointment early in pregnancy.

Your care will be provided by a team of an obstetricians and midwives, and you will be seen frequently to monitor the pregnancy closely.

Once you have successfully past the three month (12 week) stage of your pregnancy, which is also known as the first trimester, your further pregnancy care will be transferred to the appropriate doctor, clinic or hospital.


Your doctor /GP will need to fax a referral to the Women's before you can come to this clinic as a new patient.

What to bring

  • Your Medicare card
  • Your healthcare card (if you have one)
  • The completed questionnaire (you will be sent this with your appointment time)