Women with alcohol & drug problems

The Women’s Alcohol and Drug Service is the only state-wide drug and alcohol service providing specialist clinical services and professional support to care for pregnant women with complex substance use and alcohol dependence.  

We use a multidisciplinary team approach to improve the health and well-being of the women and their babies. 

Health issues treated

  • Opioid replacement therapy and treatment
  • Assistance with alcohol withdrawal and treatment
  • Assistance with cannabis withdrawal and use
  • Assistance with amphetamine withdrawal and use
  • Assistance with benzodiazepine withdrawal and use
  • Assistance with pain management in women with substance use

What we do

We provide care and information for pregnant women with alcohol and drug dependency.  We routinely care for women with highly complex medical, social and psychiatric conditions.

Our specialities

  • Addiction medicine
  • Drug and alcohol counselling and assessment
  • Obstetric care
  • Neonatal and paediatric care
  • Assessing and caring for babies with complex health needs including Neonatal Abstinence Withdrawal Syndrome
  • Infant Home Based Withdrawal Program
  • Methadone Stabilisation Program
  • Mental health assessment and care
  • Nutritional care
  • Pharmaceutical advice and assessment

Our approach to care includes close liaison with community prescribers and drug and alcohol services, and housing and community services. 

Information for patients

Our team has a long history of caring for women in need.  All of our staff are highly qualified and committed to providing not only the best medical care but also a flexible, compassionate and caring service. We understand that women want the best possible outcomes for their babies and we work to build a strong therapeutic relationship to ensure that both the mother and baby have the best health and social outcomes. 

A duty worker is available week days from 9am to 5pm to receive calls and undertake screenings of potential patients. If a woman is accepted into our service, she will be allocated a dedicated midwife and social worker who will work closely with her to ensure the best possible assessment, care, support and treatment.


Women can contact us themselves (self-referral), or have an appointment made for them (referred) by community and health organisations.  Confirmation of pregnancy by a doctor is highly recommended.