Pregnancy and labour - when to come into hospital

Come into the hospital if:

  • Your baby stops moving or you are concerned that your baby is moving much less than normal.
  • You have:
    • vaginal bleeding
    • fever, chills or a temperature of more than 37.8ºC
    • severe nausea and repeated vomiting
    • persistent headaches that won't go away
    • blurred vision, or spots before your eyes
    • sharp pains in the abdomen (with or without bleeding)
    • pain or burning when you pass urine
    • irregular contractions at any time
    • sudden swelling of your face, hands, ankles or fingers
    • persistent itchy skin.
  • Your waters break or if you have a constant clear watery vaginal discharge.
  • You've had any trauma such as an assault, a car accident or a serious fall.

Contact your GP if:

  • You have been exposed to rubella (German measles) or chickenpox.
  • You have any other, less urgent concerns.

Contacting the hospital

If you are booked in at the Women's, you can call us on our switchboard number: (03) 8345 2000.