Breast reconstruction

The Breast Reconstruction Clinic is offered through our world–class Breast Service at the Women's. The Breast Service is part of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Breast Tumour Stream working alongside specialist teams at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Health issues treated

Breast reconstruction following breast cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction for women with breast asymmetry. 

What we do

The Breast Reconstruction Clinic provides information and support to help empower women to make informed decisions regarding appropriate breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Women are able to access breast reconstruction using either implants or their own tissue. If required, women are also able to access breast reductions and breast lifts to improve breast symmetry between their natural breast and reconstructed breast. Nipple reconstruction and nipple tattooing are also available.

Information for patients

What to expect when attending clinic

At your first consultation in our clinic, you will be seen by one or more of our plastic surgeons. This consultation will usually start with a physical examination. Patients are required to undress to their underwear, which will allow the surgeon to assess the most appropriate form of breast reconstruction. A breast care nurse is available to chaperone during this consultation. Following the examination, the plastic surgeon will discuss their recommendations with you. You will be placed on our waiting list if you wish to have the surgery.

Women requiring implant reconstruction or breast reductions (to provide breast symmetry), breast lifts or nipple reconstruction will be put on the waiting list at the Women’s. Women requiring breast reconstruction using their own tissue will be put on the waiting list at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The role of the breast care nurses

As well as being able to support women during their consultation, the breast care nurses are available to provide education and support about breast reconstruction. Women are invited to attend a nurse-led breast clinic, either before or after their clinic appointment. During this consultation, the breast care nurse will explain the differences between various breast reconstruction options using diagrams and reconstruction photos.

Breast reconstruction awareness meetings are held for women considering breast reconstruction. This provides an opportunity to meet and talk with women who have had the surgery already.

The breast care nurses at the Women’s run the only nurse-led nipple tattooing clinics in a public hospital in Australia.


Your doctor/GP or community women’s health nurse will need to fax a referral to the Women’s before you can come to this clinic

What to bring

  • your Medicare card
  • your Health Care card (if you have one)


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