Cervical cancer

The Gynaecological Cancer Clinic is part of the Comprehensive Women’s Cancer Service. The Clinic provides comprehensive testing and treatment for cervical cancer with the health and wellbeing of the whole woman in mind.

Health issues treated

Cervical cancer

What we do

Women attending the Gynaecological Cancer Clinic may have a suspected or confirmed diagnosis of cervical cancer. At this clinic we will ask you a number of questions about your symptoms and any issues affecting your health. We will conduct a physical examination to work out if you need to have further tests.  We will then discuss with you your treatment options and assist you to make decisions about your care.

Information for patients

Your first appointment

After you have been referred to the Gynaecological Cancer Clinic by a doctor, you will receive a letter from the Women’s with an appointment time.

If a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan has been arranged for you it is important to fast for 4 hours prior to the appointment and driving following the scan is discouraged.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, or need to change the time, please contact the clinic as soon as possible so that we can make another appointment for you.

Pre-admission clinic

If you need surgery, you will receive a letter with a date to attend pre-admission clinic, this is where you will receive further information about your surgery and the recovery process.

Admission for treatment

You will receive a letter with a date for admission (a date for coming back to the hospital) for your treatment. You must contact the number provided to confirm your admission date. If you do not confirm your admission date, your surgery date might be given to someone else.


Your GP or gynaecologist will need to fax a referral to the Women’s before you can come to this clinic

What to bring

  • Your test results
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your Health Care card (if you have one)