Women’s emergency care

Women’s Emergency Care
Women’s Emergency Care

The Women’s Emergency Care service provides direct clinical care for women with emergency maternity and gynaecology problems, and emergency care for newborns who were born at the Women's and are less than two weeks of age.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note that we cannot provide advice over the telephone.

Health issues treated

  • Emergency maternity and gynaecological problems
  • Emergency care for newborns who were born at the Women's and are less than two weeks of age. If your baby was not born at the Women’s or if they are older than two weeks of age, please take them to the Royal Children’s Hospital for emergency care.

What we do

We provide the following services:

  • Immediate assessment and treatment for women with conditions relating specifically to pregnancy and gynaecological issues that require emergency treatment
  • Clinical care and support following sexual assault (in conjunction with sexual assault counsellors from the Centre Against Sexual Assault) for women over 18
  • Assessment and monitoring women in early labour
  • Assessment and monitoring of women with abnormal vaginal bleeding, or severe or sudden pelvic pain
  • A service to provide coordinated and specialised care of women experiencing pain or bleeding in early pregnancy

Information for patients

We are patient-centered with our focus on the clinical wellbeing of our patients. We recognise and support other aspects of care, such as psychological, psychosocial, social, and socioeconomic. This requires extensive liaison and co-ordination with various services within the hospital such as social work, the Centre Against Sexual Assault, and mental health services. 


Referral is not required

What to bring

  • Any previous imaging results you have
  • Your Medicare Card
  • A list of medicines you are taking, including any you have bought without a prescription
  • A Healthcare card (if you have one)
  • A card showing your blood group