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Lower Ground floor: Emergency and Admissions, Car parking entrance, Public toilets, Payphone

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Ground floor: Reception, Women's Welcome Centre, Sacred Space, Badjurr-bulok Wilam, Counselling & Social Support, Consumer Liaison, Retail & food precinct, Public toilets, Payphone

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Level 1: Women’s Health clinics and Pregnancy clinics, Pregnancy Day Care, Pauline Gandel Imaging Centre, Pharmacy for hospital patients, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Dietetics, Public toilets, Payphone

Level 2: Reproductive Services, Women’s private consulting suites, Frances Perry House private consulting suites, Public toilets, Payphone

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Level 3: Birth Centre and Assessment Centre, Day Surgery, Payphone

Level 4: Maternity Wards and Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Breastfeeding Service, Hospital garden courtyard, Public toilets, Payphone

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Level 5: Women’s Cancer Services and Women’s Health Wards, Complex Care, Public toilets, Payphone

Level 6: Frances Perry House private hospital

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Level 7: Women's Research Precinct, Frances Perry House private hospital, University of Melbourne Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Public toilets

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View the Sandringham hospital map to find your way.

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