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Sexual assault is a health issue
Sexual assault is a health issue

Research shows clear connections between sexual assault and women’s health and wellbeing. Intimidating and/or unwanted sexual behaviour from another person can have wide-ranging harmful effects on a woman’s emotional, psychological, mental, physical, spiritual, gynaecological and reproductive health.

These health consequences can be made worse if women are not believed or are blamed when they first speak about the experience. The health impact may also be more severe if there is a considerable amount of time between the sexual assault and receiving appropriate care and support. You can read more about sexual assault on our website.

The Women’s provides a 24 hour, seven day a week crisis care response to female and male victim/survivors of sexual assault. The Women’s sexual assault response is provided by CASA (Centre Against Sexual Assault) House during business hours (9am to 5pm) and by the Sexual Assault Crisis Line after hours.

CASA House is committed to ensuring that victim/survivors are provided with necessary support and care. CASA House provides free and confidential counselling and advocacy to adult victim/survivors who live in the Melbourne CBD or the north-west region, or who are patients of the Women's.

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