Procurement at the Women’s

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The Royal Women’s Hospital is committed to procuring goods and services in an open, fair and transparent manner based on the Policies and Procedures developed by HealthShare Victoria.  

Purchasing decisions are made not only on price, but take into consideration adaptability, innovation, accountability, sustainability, and creating relationships that can drive real and lasting value.

The majority of standard consumable items are sourced through a strategic partnership with Melbourne Health who undertakes procurement activities for the majority of goods and services except for Pharmacy.

Modern Slavery Act 2018

The Women’s upholds the Australian Government’s position on modern slavery, in that there is no place for modern slavery in the Australian community or in the global supply chains of Australian goods and services. For more information, please see the Women’s Modern Slavery Statement 2020/21.

Information for suppliers

The Women’s Annual Procurement Activity Plan 2023/2024 provides suppliers with an indication of what sourcing activities will be undertaken. All planned procurement activities are subject to revision or cancellation.  

This plan is provided for information purposes only and it does not present a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by the Royal Women’s Hospital to purchase the described goods or services. There is no obligation to respond or to return any unsolicited bids received.

Procurement Activity Plan 2023/2024

  Initiative Support Estimated Contract duration Categories Market approach Estimated Qtr. in 2023/24
 1 Business Intelligence System 5 years Informatics RFQ Q1
 2 VPAS transport 3 years Allied Health RFT Q1
 3 eProcurement System 3 years Finance RFT Q1
 4 Transcutaneous Monitoring  5 years Medical equipment RFT Q1
 5 Medical gases 3 years Facilities RFT - HSV Panel Q1
 6 Mobile Xray 6 years Medical equipment RFT - HSV Panel Q1
 7 Intranet replacement 3 years IM&T RFT Q1
 8 HRIS e-recruit 5 years PCW RFT Q1
 9 Sterilising unit, Ultrasound probes 5 years Medical equipment RFT Q2
 10 Linen 3 years Facilities RFT - HSV Panel Q2
11 Fridge temperature monitoring system 3 years Pharmacy RFT Q2
12 Infusion devices 3 years Medical equipment RFT - HSV Panel Q2
13 Internal auidit 3 years Legal Services RFT Q2
14 Cleaning services 5 years Facilities RFQ Q3
15 Website redevelopment 3 years IM&T RFT Q3
16 Office 365 & Cloud services roadmap implementation 3 years IM&T RFT Q3
17 Asset Management System 3 years Finance RFQ Q4
18 Travel 5 years Finance RFQ Q4
19 Drug safe cabinets 3 years Pharmacy RFT Q4
20 Andrology System Replacement 3 years Allied Health RFT Q4

Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers participating in a Request for Quotation and/or Request for Tender process must not:

  • Undertake site visits unless authorised and supervised by the Manager Procurement and Contracts  or a nominated delegate
  • Approach any current or former staff of the Royal Women’s Hospital or partner organisations unless otherwise unrelated to the invitation in which the Supplier is participating.
  • Engage in any collusion, anti-competitive conduct or any similar conduct.​

Failure to abide with these conditions may result in disqualification.

For more information refer to the Victorian Government Supplier Code of Conduct.

Procurement and Tender Activity Complaints Management

All complaints about procurement activity undertaken by the Royal Women’s Hospital must be made in writing to the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at the Royal Women’s Hospital. The complaint must include the following material:

  • A clear written statement regarding what you consider was unsatisfactory in the procurement process
  • Copies of, or references to, information to support the complaint
  • A statement regarding what you wish to achieve as an outcome from the complaint process
  • If further correspondence or information is required, the supplier will be given no less than 15 working days to respond to any communication from the Royal Women’s Hospital unless the matter is urgent
  • If the outcome of the investigation is unsatisfactory, the complainant can refer the complaint to HealthShare Victoria (see below).

Complaints are to be lodged by post or email to the contact address for the Chief Procurement Officer provided on this page.

The Chief Procurement Officer will appoint a senior staff member to investigate the complaint. The staff member selected will not have been involved in the issue under complaint or that particular purchasing activity. The investigation process will include these steps:

  • The complainant will be contacted and advised of how long the investigation is expected to take, and how the result of the investigation will be communicated
  • The investigation of the issue will be reviewed by the CPO and recommendations for remediation / resolution approved. Resolution can range from advice of the complaint report, cancellation of tender, monetary compensation or other mutually satisfactorily negotiated solution
  • The complainant shall be provided with a summary of the investigation, and the recommendations implemented if the outcome is accepted.

Issues not resolved to the Complainants satisfaction will be escalated to HealthShare Victoria for investigation and arbitration. Other government bodies available, depending upon the nature of the complaint include, the State Ombudsman, and Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission.  

HealthShare Victoria will be advised within five business days of any complaint that cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of either party. The complainant may submit their complaint to HealthShare Victoria within 10 business days of the receipt of the findings. All such complaints must be submitted to:

HealthShare Victoria
Level 34, 2 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

The hospital will disclose in the annual report in relation to each complaint received:

  • Procurement activity to which the complaint was received
  • Status of each complaint – resolved, under investigation, or could not be resolved.