Acceptance criteria for colposcopy

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The Women's has made recent changes to its acceptance criteria for colposcopy for women who have two consecutive non 16/18 HPV with low grade cytology changes or better on cervical screening. 

Instead of all women being accepted for a colposcopy, many women will be advised to have a further cervical screen with their GP 12 months after their last test. This aligns with the revised National Cervical Screening Pathway.

The following women will still be accepted for a colposcopy after two consecutive non 16/18 HPV with low grade cytology changes or better, as they may be at higher risk of harbouring a high-grade abnormality. They should be referred to colposcopy if any HPV is detected at 12 months, regardless of the cytology finings. These include women:

  • 2 or more years overdue for screening at the time of the initial screen
  • Who identify as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • Aged 50 years or older.

All women with a third cervical screen showing non 16/18 HPV should be referred to the Women's for a colposcopy and will be triaged for a semi-urgent colposcopy (as per high grade changes).

Women who were on the list for a planned colposcopy, but meet the updated criteria for a repeat cervical screen in 12 months instead of a colposcopy have been contacted to notify them of the changes.