Acceptance criteria for colposcopy

The Women's has made changes to its acceptance criteria for colposcopy for women who have two consecutive non 16/18 HPV with low grade cytology changes or better on cervical screening. 

Instead of all women being accepted for a colposcopy, many women will be advised to have a further cervical screen with their GP 12 months after their last test.

This change follows an extensive audit and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services has endorsed it as safe and appropriate. We are aware this does not currently align with other guidelines or recommendations, but we anticipate the updated Clinical Guidelines for the National Cervical Screening Program will soon align with this approach.

The following women will still be accepted for a colposcopy after two consecutive non 16/18 HPV with low grade cytology changes or better:

  • Women 50 years of age or older
  • Women two or more years overdue for screening at the time of the first of the two Cervical Screening Test
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women
  • Women exposed to DES in utero
  • Women who are immune deficient
  • Women where the two screens were over a prolonged period

All women with a third cervical screen showing non 16/18 HPV should be referred to the Women's for a colposcopy and will be triaged for a semi-urgent colposcopy (as per high grade changes).

Women who were on the list for a planned colposcopy, but meet the updated criteria for a repeat cervical screen in 12 months instead of a colposcopy have been contacted to notify them of the changes.

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