Supports for Affiliates

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The Women's supports and assists our shared maternity care affiliates by providing supports and resources.

These include:

  • Pregnancy Hand Held Record - a patient held record for completion at both community and hospital visits. This is a key means of communication between the hospital and shared maternity care affiliate.
  • Shared Maternity Care Coordinator - the key person for non-urgent contact for both women and shared maternity care affiliates. The Coordinator registers women for shared care, provides women with the Pregnancy Hand Held Record and sends documentation and results to Shared Maternity Care Affiliates.
  • Registrar - The registrar of the team caring for the woman, or the on-call obstetric registrar can be contacted directly to discuss urgent or complex clinical issues via the hospital's main reception.
  • Pregnancy Day Service - Shared Maternity Care Affiliates can refer women directly for assessment and management of common pregnancy problems such as hyperemesis, hypertension, small for dates or decreased fetal movements.
  • Emergency Department (Women's Emergency Care) - open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for assessment of urgent antenatal and postnatal problems. Referral by phone or letter is expected and appreciated. A record of the woman's visit will be documented in the Pregnancy Hand Held Record.
  • Guidelines for Shared Maternity Care Affiliates (see the Shared Care Guidelines web page). The guidelines contain information and resources on schedule of visits, testing, management and support of abnormal findings and much more.
  • Schedule of visits for women (see the Eligibility and Schedule of Care web page).