50 marathons in 50 days to raise funds for the Women’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Tom Price is running 50 consecutive marathons this Christmas.
20 December 2023 | Fundraising

Tom Price loves running. He is a self-trained athlete who runs approximately 25kms every day. But this Christmas, Tom is running 50 marathons in 50 days, and his sister and niece are motivating his every step.

Tom was hit with inspiration while sitting in the Women’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) with his much-loved sister Zoe, and her new baby daughter, Sylvie. Seeing what his sister had gone through to become a mother, and the shock and distress of premature birth, he felt helpless.  

Zoe had faced many challenges, including cervical cancer and five years of IVF treatment, which included 18 surgeries and hundreds of IVF injections. Her dream of becoming a mother finally came true when Sylvie arrived in the world. But Sylvie was born at 23 weeks and 6 days weighing only 628 grams. Both Sylvie and Zoe required critical care, including blood transfusions. Sylvie went straight into the Women’s NICU, where she would receive world-class specialist care; she ended up staying 134 days. It was there that Tom saw Zoe hold Sylvie for the first time and instantly became inspired by their love, strength, and courage. 

Tom is lacing up his runners and is running 50 marathons in 50 days with the aim of raising $50k. From 9 December to 28 January 2024, he will run over 42kms each day or 2,110kms in total - equivalent to running halfway across Australia! 

Tom’s love for his family and running is fuelling his efforts, and he hopes funds raised will have a lasting impact on other families and babies in need of support. “Sylvie is a fighter and a brave little person,” says Tom. “Each step I take in the marathons I’ll be thinking about the fight she has had in her tiny life which will motivate me to keep going.”   

Tom hopes that one day when Sylvie is older, and they’re able to reflect together on this time, she will know through his actions that she is loved, and that her courage is inspirational. Tom recently met Sylvie for the first time since she arrived home from the NICU and Zoe and her husband Graham were so happy to welcome Tom into their home and to finally have Sylvie there to greet him.  

Each year the Women’s NICU cares for up to 1,500 babies from across Victoria. Many families spend months in hospital under the specialist care of our neonatal team, but it’s always a tough time for families. Tom knows, through the experiences of his own family, that it’s not easy and is creating this opportunity to raise awareness about their challenges and the lifesaving care they receive.  

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