Advocating for greater access to abortion and contraception services

Head of the Women's Abortion and Contraception and Early Pregnancy Service, Associate Professor Paddy Moore (left), and the Women's CEO, Professor Sue Matthews
28 April 2023 | Contraception and abortion

The Women's has advocated for greater access to abortion and contraception services, appearing at a Senate hearing on the topic. 

The Women’s CEO, Professor Sue Matthews, and Head of the Women's Abortion and Contraception and Early Pregnancy Service, A/Professor Paddy Moore, were pleased to speak to the Senate Community Affairs Reference Committee’s Inquiry into Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare today.

"Despite being a progressive country, barriers to affordable, appropriate and effective contraception and abortion exist in Australia – and much of it is by design rather than by chance," Prof Matthews told the hearing.

She and A/Professor Moore spoke about some of the barriers many Australian women and girls face when seeking to access contraception, early medical abortion and surgical abortion.

They called for:

  • all contraception methods and medications to be available at no cost (as they are in the UK)
  • a change to regulations so nurse practitioners and clinical nurse consultants can assess patients and prescribe early medical abortion medication
  • investment in training for more nurses, midwives and doctors in sexual and reproductive health
  • continuing Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) funding for sexual and reproductive telehealth services to improve access for those in regional and rural areas
  • establishing a national training, research and advocacy centre in abortion provision (which the Women’s has the expertise to lead).

To find out more, read the Women’s submission to the Committee