Celebrating passion and leadership at the Staff Excellence Awards

Dr Karin Jones and Dr Andrew Buettner were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the Women’s.
Dr Karin Jones and Dr Andrew Buettner were recognised for their outstanding contributions to the Women’s.
17 October 2023 | Staff | Volunteers

The Women’s staff and volunteers were celebrated for their passion, leadership and dedication at the annual Staff Excellence Awards.

More than 30 people were recognised across six categories.

The Women’s CEO Professor Sue Matthews hosted the ceremony, which was held face-to-face for the first time since before the pandemic.

She presented awards alongside the Women’s Board Chair Cath Bowtell, Chief Operating Officer Lisa Lynch and guests Eleonora Ferrara and Ted Woodward.

Professor Matthews acknowledged the significance of being together to celebrate for the first time since 2019. She said the awards were recognition of the incredible commitment staff have to providing outstanding care to patients and the community in the face of ongoing complexity.

“The awards are about acknowledging just some of the people who have helped to shape the unique culture we have here at the Women’s – one that is built on a solid base of shared values, common goals and passion,” she said.

“Every day, the warmth and professionalism demonstrated by our people make the experience of our patients and families an exceptional one.”

Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer Cinnamon-Bliss Henry won the Liliana Ferrara Award for Diversity for her work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and families.

Staff achievements recognised

The most prestigious award, the Woodward Family Medal of Excellence, went to Dr Andrew Buettner, the Women’s Medical Director of Women’s Health and the Director of Anaesthesia.

Dr Buettner has been instrumental in the roll out of a number of major projects at the Women’s, including the Public Fertility Service, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, and the new Rapid Access Hub. He was also commended for his courage, described as a ‘fierce advocate for women’s health’.

Three other staff members and one leadership team were recognised for their outstanding contribution to the Women’s with major awards:

  • Liliana Ferrara Award for Diversity: Aboriginal Hospital Liaison Officer, Cinnamon-Bliss Henry. The award was in recognition of the work she does for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, patients, staff and communities.
  • Board Chair’s Award for Innovation: Anaesthetist Dr Karin Jones. Dr Jones spearheaded the development of the Women’s Chronic Pelvic Pain-Connect program, providing women with a quicker and more accessible pathway to pain management.
  • Chief Executive Award for Exceptional Leadership: The Public Fertility Service leadership team. The team stepped up with enthusiasm and expertise following the announcement in October 2022 that the Women’s would be leading the state-wide Public Fertility Service and Egg and Sperm Bank.
  • Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award: The 5 North team was awarded for their ongoing support and encouragement of the Women’s volunteers.
‘Star Performer’ award recipients

Two teams and 17 staff members were recognised with Star Performer awards for their dedication, team work and positive attitude. Staff who have been at the Women’s for 35 and 40 years were also honoured for their commitment to the hospital and our patients, women and families.

Star Performers included:

  • Allison Harper
  • Angela Grospe
  • Debbie Nisbet
  • Jackie Collett
  • Jenny Pell
  • Joanne Bell
  • Kelly Mills
  • Lizzie Stafford
  • Melissa Stellas
  • Nicole Clarke
  • Olivia Manos
  • Pam Dhaliwal
  • Qian Soh
  • Rebecca Booth
  • Sarah Zammit
  • Siming Lu
  • Warren Casperz
  • The NICU Volunteer Team
  • The Payroll Team

The 35-year and 40-year length of service recipients were:

  • Catherine Spanjer
  • Diane Howitt
  • Jacqueline Arora
  • Jodie Jones
  • Marie Jones
  • Marie Litaitsat
  • Susan Cuthbert
  • Susan Porteza
  • Swee Williamson
  • Debra Gook
  • Karen Reidy
  • Lex Doyle
  • Valda Kitchell

Congratulations to all award winners!