Staff go above and beyond for ‘Queen of the ward’ discharge

Yvonne leaving the ward
6 May 2020 |
An emotional video shot by Royal Women’s Hospital staff of 81-year-old Yvonne Stillburn being waved off by those who cared for her with balloons and music has reached more than 16,000 people on social media.  

Following a 60-day stay, Yvonne was discharged from hospital after three surgeries for a serious gynaecological condition and extensive care from the Women’s gynaecological cancer specialists.

Providing the day-to-day care to Yvonne was nurse Stacey Reid, who started her graduate year at the Women’s in November 2019.

Stacey Reid joined the Women's just last year
Stacey Reid joined the Women's just last year

“Yvonne really was the Queen of the ward, and it was a very emotional time for everyone when she was discharged after such a long stay,” said Stacey.

“A few of members of the team clubbed together to buy her a new dressing gown and some slippers as a farewell gift, and many came in on their day off just to wave her good-bye.

“Yvonne really made an impact on everyone here in ward 5 North. She never failed to put a smile on everyone’s faces, so the least we could do was put a smile on hers. I’m so glad that, after such a long stint here, she can be with her family.”

In a letter to the hospital written as she was being discharged, Yvonne said she was ‘leaving a second family’.  

"Every nurse was caring, friendly and efficient, going above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. But one was exceptional, she was reassuring, kind and became a friend indeed. She helped me through some tough times with humour and great nursing, that nurse was Stacey Reid," wrote Yvonne.

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