We need your help to spread the video

Louna Maroun during filming
Louna Maroun is the star of our new video for young women
18 August 2014 | Contraception and abortion

YouTube sensation and television show Neighbours regular, Louna Maroun, is the star of a new video produced by the Women’s for young women.

The four-minute video is about emergency contraception (EC) and has been produced with memorable and realistic messages that are engaging, conversational, accessible and relaxed.

Because that’s what young women said they wanted.

“Like all of the projects conducted as part of the Young Women’s Strategy, young people have been engaged as experts in their health care needs and key informants in our activities,” said the Women’s Tanya Maloney (Executive Director Planning and Service Development).

The goal of the Young Women’s Strategy, which targets young women aged 19 and under, is to improve young women’s health and wellbeing. Reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies is one area of focus.

Research shows low levels of awareness and usage of EC amongst teenagers. The 5th National Survey of Secondary Students and Sexual Health found only 2.7% reported having used it. This survey also confirmed that young people use the internet to access sexual health information and that they use social media every day.

Responding to this evidence, the video produced by the Women’s is about providing young women with information on EC using a language and format they connect with.

The message for young people is that EC is a safe, effective and accessible medicine to prevent unplanned pregnancy. The video provides information for teenagers about what EC is, when to use it and how to get it (it’s available ‘over the counter’ from pharmacists).

We listened to five focus groups that included 39 young women and one man aged between 17 and 21 to get a better understanding of how they wanted the information presented. “Just talk to us,” they said.

So we did.

We are asking for your help to spread the message by please sharing this video. Young Women’s Emergency Contraception video can be viewed by following the link below.