A journey of hope: Zoe’s triumph over cervical cancer

Polaroid style photos of Zoe in hospital, then with her husband on her wedding day
Nothing in Zoe's journey was easy.
7 June 2024 | Cancer | Fundraising | Your impact | Fertility

At age 35, Zoe faced a double nightmare. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer and thought her life's dream to be a mum was lost forever.

Although she had experienced no symptoms, the cervical cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, and she was told she may need a radical hysterectomy. 

"It was shocking.  To be told I had cancer, and that treatment could mean I couldn't have a baby," she recalls.

Zoe found support and compassionate care at the Women’s. Associate Professor Orla McNally said she would do everything in her power to help Zoe beat cancer and have a baby of her own.

Zoe underwent three major surgeries. It was painful and overwhelming. But she felt so supported by Orla and her team. These life-saving procedures meant Zoe was able to beat her cancer and try for a baby.

Nothing in Zoe's journey was easy. After five years of IVF, her baby Sylvie was born at 23 weeks and 6 days and had to fight for her life. In total, Sylvie would spend 134 days in the Women's Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

Today, Sylvie is a thriving one-year-old. She is a testament to Zoe's resilience and strength. Zoe's journey gives hope to women facing similar challenges. It reminds them that with courage and perseverance, miracles can happen.

Zoe reflects on the journey that brought her to this moment. She's grateful for the care she received and the gift of motherhood.

"I'll never forget the first time I held Sylvie close and cuddled her and felt her heart beating. It was just beautiful."

Thank you to our generous supporters for helping to give women like Zoe a chance at a healthier future. Together, we've made dreams come true and brought hope to those who need it most.

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