Childbirth education

Childbirth education encourages women and their partners/support persons to know their options and make informed choices during pregnancy, labour and birth.
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The Women’s provides childbirth education programs for all pregnant women, and their partner or support people, who have booked to give birth at the hospital. Childbirth education workshops are held at the Women's campuses in Parkville and Sandringham, and in some community venues. Run in the evenings or weekends, there is a small fee associated with this service. 

You must book into classes that are available for the campus where you are having your baby.

Non-English classes in Mandarin are an exception. These classes are held at the Women's campus in Parkville but are also available to women booked in to Sandringham.

Frances Perry patients are not eligible to book in to the Women's Hospital childbirth education classes.