Maternity video tour

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This video tour takes you through what it's like to have your baby at the Women’s.

The videos cover when to come to the hospital, where to go when you get here, as well as what to expect as you make your way through your birthing journey.

Watch as one video on the Women's YouTube Channel.

1. When to come to the Women’s

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know when it’s the right time to come in to hospital. Labour can be difficult to describe because it is different for every woman.

This video explains when is the best time to come to the Women's to deliver your baby.

More information about having your baby at the Women’s.

2. Where to go when you come to the hospital

Whether you’re coming in for a clinic appointment or coming to give birth, it’s best to know ahead of time where to go once you get to hospital, to make things less stressful on the day.

3. The Birth Centre

The Women’s Birth Centre, on the third floor of the hospital, is where births take place. This video explains what to expect when you are admitted to the birth centre.

4. The Postnatal Ward

Once you have delivered your baby at the Women's, you will be moved to the postnatal ward on Level 4 of the building. This video explains what to expect when you get there.

With thanks to the Joe White Bequest for their generous support of this project through the Women's Foundation.