Electronic Medical Record

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At the Women's Parkville campus, we use an electronic medical record (EMR) system, which enables us to continuously improve the way we deliver patient care. 

The Parkville EMR operates across the Women’s, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and The Royal Children’s Hospital.

Your hospital information is secure within the Parkville EMR system and only accessed by staff involved with your care and treatment.

Having access to your patient records through the EMR makes it quicker and easier for your healthcare team to find the information they need to provide the best care to you and your family.

Sign up to the Parkville Health Hub and see your upcoming appointments, prescriptions and more.

How an EMR improves patient care

With an EMR, your care team has:

  • A complete picture of your care and treatment across the Parkville health services.
  • Access to your most up-to-date information at all times.
  • Equipment, such as mobile workstations, handheld devices and barcode scanners, to help them deliver and record your care.
  • Support to make the best clinical decision with the help of prompts, alerts and reminders in the system.
  • Immediate notification if you, for any reason, need urgent care.

If you are coming to hospital for appointments you will:

  • Find it easier to move between hospitals – your information will be in the system so you won’t have to repeat your story or fill out unnecessary paperwork.
  • Be able to access parts of your medical record where and when you need it through the Parkville Health Hub.

If you are staying in hospital you will:

  • Wear a barcode on your wristband so your information can be checked – this will help to safeguard your care.

You can also allow your local doctor (GP) or other referring specialist to access information about your treatment  using the secure Parkville Connect portal specifically for treating health professionals.

Protecting your privacy

Please visit our privacy page to find out more about how your private information is stored and managed in the EMR.

You can also speak to our staff about any questions or concerns you may have about how your private information is stored and managed.