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Telehealth virtual waiting rooms

If you have been asked to join a virtual waiting room, please click on the appropriate button below. Please log in around 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Allied Health Allied Health includes Chronic Pelvic Pain, Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Dietetics
Breastfeeding Services All Breastfeeding Services
Cancer Services Oncology
CASA House Centre Against Sexual Assault
Caseload Midwifery CLM
Genetic Services All Genetics and Genetic Counselling Clinics
Menopause Clinics Menopause Service, Menopause Symptoms after cancer
Mental Health Psychiatry and Psychology
Newborn Follow-up Newborn Follow-up Clinic
Pregnancy Clinics All Pregnancy Clinics
Reproductive Services Including the Endocrine clinic
WIN Women’s Individual Needs
Women's Health Clinics General Women's Health Clinics, Breast Services
Young Women's Antenatal Clinic Antenatal care​ for young women