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Photography, filming and recording at the Women’s

Personal use:

Patients, their families and friends are welcome to film or record in the Women’s for personal use when it is safe and appropriate to do so. There are times when taking photographs, filming or recording can affect the care of our patients, breach the privacy of other patients or visitors, or breach the privacy of staff at the Women’s.

Patients, their families and friends don’t need permission to photograph, film or record themselves or a loved one while in the hospital as long as they don’t photograph, film or record a member of staff or any other patient or visitor. This includes capturing the voice or image of anyone nearby. Please be aware that this includes streaming or broadcasting on applications such as Skype or Facetime.

To photograph, film or record clinical care – such as the birth of a baby – you must have permission of all staff members involved in the clinical care. If you are planning to film or record any clinical care, please request permission from staff before it begins. For example, discuss the consent process for filming your baby’s birth with a midwife at one of your antenatal visits, not once labour has begun.

You must STOP photographing, filming or recording at the request of clinical staff at any time.

We ask that any material featuring a member of the Women’s staff is not posted online or on any form of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) without their permission.

Please ask a staff member for guidance if you are uncertain when it is appropriate to take a photo, film or record.

Non-personal use:

The conditions above also apply to professional photographers and all media wishing to take photographs, film or record anywhere within the Women's for non-personal use. In addition, professional photographers and media must first discuss their request, and obtain permission from, the Women's Communications team on 0466 500 317.
To respect and protect the privacy of our patients, visitors and staff, if permission is provided to film, photograph or record, all media and film crews must be accompanied on site by a member of the Women's Communications team at all times.